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Vegetarian Handmade Farofa Vegetariana 300g

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Passo a passo


Ingredients: Cassava flour, vegetable oil*, soy protein, seasoning blend (refined salt, corn starch*, monosodium glutamate, flavorings, rice flour, granulated garlic, onion and fine herbs, silicon dioxide, annatto coloring, and black pepper). *Ingredient containing genes from Bacillus Thurigiensis, Streptomyces Viridochromogenes, Agrobacterium Tumefaciens.

Allergens: Contains soy and its derivatives. May contain traces of celery and mustard. 


Da Terrinha Vegetarian Handmade Farofa is a tasty and nutritious option to accompany your favorite dishes. This farofa is entirely vegetarian, with no addition of any animal-derived ingredients.

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