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Recycle Your Waste and Win Prizes

With the aim of engaging people in a sustainable mindset, creating a cycle of environmental loyalty that generates benefits for all, Molécoola was born.

Molécoola grew up hearing that the place for trash is in the trash, end of story. Until recently, no one cared to know where the waste goes and whether it will have a proper destination. In fact, many of us still don't even bother to separate what we throw away.

In the rush of life, it's indeed difficult to pay attention to what we've been taught has no value. But that needs to change. The waste we produce is at the heart of one of the biggest environmental challenges of the world today.

Governments create new laws, industries make a huge effort to comply, more conscious consumers try to change habits, and so on. Molécoola was born to help ordinary people, like you, to collaborate with this incredibly complicated challenge.

There are plenty of people trying to solve this issue - and each one faces a different challenge.

Molécoola understands that those who seek to collaborate with the planet need to be rewarded. There's no moral lesson here, alright!? No one thinks you're a terrible citizen because you don't separate everything at home.

On the other hand, we believe that an incentive for those who make an effort is a game-changer. It's like in a video game: if you don't pass a level, what's the fun?

With that in mind, Molécoola developed a project to create a simple way to turn this necessity into a business that stands on its own feet, with a long-term vision and the ability to grow immensely.

The result is a combination of an app and collection points distributed in high-traffic areas. In practice, it's like this: you search for the nearest Molécoola store on your phone and take your recyclable waste there. The best part is that your effort is rewarded with points that can be exchanged for gifts whenever you want.

In the end, everyone wins.

No final, todo mundo ganha.

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