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Get ready because our June festival 2024 is coming!

Exploring the theme "Festa Junina Da Terrinha®: Tradition, Flavor, and Fun," this campaign is more than just a simple seasonal celebration: it's a tribute to the rich history and culture of this event, which has also shaped our brand over the years.

The June festival represents shared joy, lively dances, and precious memories created with friends and family. By highlighting the theme of 'Tradition, Flavor, and Fun,' our aim is to convey the essence of what Da Terrinha® stands for: tradition is the foundation upon which our reputation has been built since the beginning with tapioca, a symbol of quality and authenticity. At the same time, flavor emphasizes the blend of our products, an explosion of authentic tastes. And finally, fun, an essential element in all brand interactions and part of our mission to bring joy to Brazil and the world!

Join us in this campaign that is not just about promoting products; it's about sharing a part of our history, evoking memories of typical festivals, folk literature, cultural affection, bringing the countryside celebration to the seasonality of this event, a party with the spirit of Da Terrinha!

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