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  • Get ready because our June festival 2024 is coming!

    Exploring the theme "Festa Junina Da Terrinha®: Tradition, Flavor, and Fun," this campaign is more than just a simple seasonal celebration: it's a tribute to the rich history and culture of this event, which has also shaped our brand over the years. The June festival represents shared joy, lively dances, and precious memories created with friends and family. By highlighting the theme of 'Tradition, Flavor, and Fun,' our aim is to convey the essence of what Da Terrinha® stands for: tradition is the foundation upon which our reputation has been built since the beginning with tapioca, a symbol of quality and authenticity. At the same time, flavor emphasizes the blend of our products, an explosion of authentic tastes. And finally, fun, an essential element in all brand interactions and part of our mission to bring joy to Brazil and the world! Join us in this campaign that is not just about promoting products; it's about sharing a part of our history, evoking memories of typical festivals, folk literature, cultural affection, bringing the countryside celebration to the seasonality of this event, a party with the spirit of Da Terrinha!

  • Tapioca: how to make and its origins

    Do you know the history of tapioca? Understanding its origin and how it became a widely consumed food nowadays. In diets, mainly for not containing gluten and with a variety of fillings, it's a delight. Tapioca is currently known throughout Brazil, in various states, and even abroad. In some regions, it is known as "Polvilho Doce" (in the Midwest, Southeast, and South) and in others as "Goma" (Northeast and North). It is recognized as a Brazilian intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. Its origin is ancient and from the Amerindian people. There is no authentic or true tapioca, as many say, each region has its own authentic or true tapioca, what exists is the universal tapioca, that simple one without filling, without salt or sugar, and without pure coconut. The production process happens as follows: the cassava is peeled, then ground until it reaches the consistency of a very fine dough. Water is added and then strained. It will remain at rest until it settles. Once separated into two parts (water and cassava gum), the drying process begins, which can be done naturally (exposed to the sun) or artificially (using specific machines). What is a curious fact is the simplicity in the preparation of tapioca, which consists of placing this flour in a frying pan covering the entire bottom. With the heat, everything comes together forming the base of the tapioca known today. Types of tapiocas Tapiocas can be traditional, those with simple fillings, or special tapiocas, also known as gourmet tapiocas, which have more complex fillings, better suited to the taste of contemporary enthusiasts. They can be sweet or savory, they accept all kinds of fillings and creativity, anything that can be used to fill a simple bread, pizza, or crepe will certainly serve to fill a tapioca equally. In its pure form, it does not contain gluten or lactose and is low in calories, care should be taken with the choice of fillings that can spoil all of this. Currently, many weight loss diets recommend tapioca consumption precisely because of its low calorie content.

  • After all, does pepper harm?

    Many times, people mistakenly say that pepper is bad for the stomach, but several studies have shown the opposite. In one study, with the help of an endoscope, American doctors examined twelve volunteers after they had ingested pepper with their meal, and found nothing wrong. Still in the same study, pure pepper extract was sprayed directly on the volunteers' stomach walls, and once again, there was no sign of irritation. Contrary to what they say, pepper is good for our health! And it is precisely the substance that gives pepper its spicy character that has most of the beneficial properties for our health. What are the benefits of pepper? The active ingredient in pepper is capsaicin. This substance has various functions that favor our body, such as: It is a natural analgesic: capsaicin promotes the release of endorphins, a neurotransmitter that has the ability to reduce or even inhibit electrical signals of pain. In addition, endorphins generate feelings of well-being and euphoria, being favorable in periods of higher stress and tension. Prevents premature aging and degenerative diseases: pepper contains good amounts of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These vitamins combat free radicals, preventing premature cellular aging, that is, the vitamins "protect" healthy cells. Therefore, they prevent diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and even cancer. Aids in promoting weight loss: Pepper is a natural thermogenic, so by speeding up metabolism, it promotes fat burning and consequently, weight loss. Prevents blood clot formation: Pepper is one of those foods that "thin the blood," being very favorable to those people who have a greater tendency to produce blood clots. Contraindications Like other foods, when consumed in excess, pepper can cause problems. Excess consumption can cause irritation to the stomach lining and other stomach problems. Mouth sores and heartburn can also occur. For people with gastritis and/or ulcers, consumption should be greatly reduced or even suspended, according to the recommendation of a doctor or nutritionist.

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  • Da Terrinha Alimentos

    Tapiocas Farofas Spices Potato sticks Processed garlic Sauces & Peppers Teas Coconut derivatives Grains & Floury Cookies Food Service ACCESS TO PRODUCTS Download Catalog SEE ALL ON MEASURE TAPIOCA ON MEASURE TAPIOCA Grated coconut Grated coconut COCONUT MILK COCONUT MILK Your photo or video can appear at any time in our feed. Feed Da Terra use the hashtag #daterrinhanaminhamesa Our Brands Our brands Read more We were born to bring to the consumer's table a mix of products fromhigh quality It ispracticality , promoting health and well-being. Da Terrinha Alimentos® Da Terrinha Recipes all recipes More recipes Our blog Well-being, curiosities, quality of life and entertainment. Prepare-se pois está chegando a nossa festa junina 2024! See all

  • Sobre

    Institutional We believe that this company was created by the direction of God! We understand that people are a company's greatest asset, so we care for, value and develop our team! We take care of our work environment so that everyone feels happy and part of a family! Quality is the premise of our business, and we spare no efforts to fulfill our mission of delivering a high quality product. Humility, respect, transparency and trust are the foundations of our relationships with employees, customers and partners. Values Vision To become one of the biggest and best tapioca companies in the world, to be present throughout the national territory and on the 4 continents. Mission Bring joy to Brazil and the world, taking care of the well-being of our people and inspiring them to create and produce food of unique quality and practicality A Da Terrinha Alimentos® was founded in 2008 and quickly identified the potential of hydrated tapioca starch for the health food market. Investing in a unique production method, the company ensures quality differentials by having full control over the production process: from cassava cultivation to the final product. ​ ​ Tapioca Da Terrinha® is the only one on the market without preservatives and as fluffy as you like. It's also the most practical because it doesn't need to be sifted. Soon it took off and reached the world. ​ ​ With its efficient production capacity, Da Terrinha Alimentos® serves a large part of the national territory and also exports to several countries. A HISTORY OF QUALITY, TRADITION AND GROWTH Our Brands Our Brands Assista ao vídeo Quality certifications Read our policy Read our terms Start Now Quality awards Because we always seek to improve our processes Timeline 2008 2010 2011 Inauguration of the company JOTA Representations. A JOTA Representations identified tapioca as a strong consumption trend by Brazilians, as it is practical and healthy. Da Terrinha is born, with the flagship: Ready-made tapioca gum. Quality Certifications Where have we already appeared

  • Contato | Da Terrinha

    Name Last name Email Whatsapp Message Send Required to 11 5922-9230 WhatsApp Contact How can we help FAQ Contact us

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